I got to my current role as a senior manager in Lincolnshire Police via a varied group of public sector employers (key stops along the way included local government, London Fire Brigade and the civil service) and a feast of different roles (in finance, ICT, collaborative working, estates, procurement, project/programme management, training, administration and others). As the person who got things done, I was usually given the jobs that no one else wanted, until I had turned them round and moved on to the next challenge.

Career highlights include four days going through interviews, psychometric tests, exams and presentations to get on the prestigious Police Strategic Command Course (for those who aspire to the most senior posts in UK policing). I was privileged to be one of only three senior police staff in the country to get on the course, with fifty or so of the brightest and best future chief constables. The connections I made and the opportunities the course gave me have allowed me to work on policing issues that matter to me at a national level, influencing government policy, working with chief constables, the Home Office, ministers and others and helping to have a real impact on policing in the UK.

I am known for seeing solutions, moving past objections and being excellent at presenting the big picture. I have a knack for taking seemingly unconnected ideas and building these into a whole solution, and for using new technologies to deliver real results. I am the person that people delegate to, and get results. People say that I deliver, professionally and comprehensively whilst doing what it takes to get real results. They have also said that I have a weird taste in music and should fall off my bike less, but maybe I shouldn’t have told you that…

I work nationally on the use of social media in policing, and I am also responsible for persuading Lincolnshire Police to adopt social media such as Facebook and Twitter to drive real operational benefits. I have had several articles published on this and related subjects, mainly in the Police related media.

I am passionate about making a real difference to people – not just about improving the organisation, but about preventing crime and improving lives. The opportunity to see the impact I have ‘out there’ is what drives me to get up in the morning.

I love technology in a non geeky sort of way (when used to deliver something rather than for its own sake) and riding a bicycle down steep rocky slopes at speed, which I find an excellent way to clear the mind (unless I fall off which seems to be happening less these days).  At the weekend my wife and I spend time moving small children around (usually but not always our own) to various social events. This helps to remind me of what really matters.

I am also a qualified Performance Coach, and offer development coaching to people from the public and private sectors. I love making a difference in people’s lives, and supporting people to help themselves is a fantastic opportunity.

I am on the board of governors for a local primary school, I established a local cycling club website, and volunteer as and when I can to help a local charity that looks to improve people’s lives locally through practical help, training, education and support.

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