Social Media Handbook for Police

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Welcome to my series of social media tips. These are aimed primarily at a police audience, but hopefully applicable to a wider group of people too, especially those in the public sector. This series of posts will aim to identify some good practice and useful hints and tips for police officers and staff to consider when using social media.

Part 1:What Social Media Networks should I use?

Part 2:How do I get followers / friends ?

Part 3:Policy / Strategy / Guidance

Part 4: Ten things to have on your page to drive up interest

Part 5: What to do when things go wrong

Part 6:We don’t do that here

Part 7: Twitter and Flick’r 

Part 8: Link it all together

Part9:Talk to Local People

Part10:Operational Uses

Part 11:More Operational Uses

Part 12:Operational use – Policing Protest


7 Responses to Social Media Handbook for Police

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  4. Great blog with some really interesting content. We linked to you in our recent article about Social Media and Public Services. –

  5. Mark cooper says:

    Justin I loved the post! Not only Police, it can help anyone who wants to gets social!
    IT will take a bit to complete this long long post series but I will be worth it. 🙂


  6. Hello, I have to agree with Mark Cooper above that what you have here is applicable across the board. I just spent a full hour here and I’m not involved with the police, I work with, and for a media agency across the pond here in the US.

    We’ve recently decided to start offering social media services to our clients and I’m the one elected to head it up and have been all week looking for online resources and tutorials. Let me reassure you that what you have here is pretty well all inclusive and is beneficial to anybody that’s serious about doing social media in effective way that’s meaningfully targeted at achieving goals.

    I can see now why a lot of our clients that are trying to do their own social media just aren’t doing it with any real focus. And doing it without focus on achieving goals is just a waste of assets, time, and pollutes the social media sphere with…. What? Dribble? We already have enough of that on the web 🙂

    So thanks for all the effort that’s gone into this. I know this has been a labor of love, and will save it to my fav’s in my social media resources folder.

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