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Social Media Handbook for police: Part 7

Welcome to the the next instalment in my series of social media tips. These are aimed primarily at a police audience, but hopefully applicable to a wider group of people too, especially those in the public sector. This series of … Continue reading

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ACPO Digital – ‘the end of digital’?

I was fortunate to help arrange the recent ACPO event on digital technologies and social media, in conjunction with NPIA and Google. The event was deliberately small, and aimed at senior strategic leaders across UK policing. Attendees included Sir Hugh … Continue reading

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Stop using Facebook and catch some criminals!

One question I was asked the other day got me thinking. Most of us in the policing world who access blogs etc are probably already converts to the uses of social media, and understand the potential it has for policing. Most police officers clearly … Continue reading

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Confidence and Legitimacy ACPO Conference update

Some interesting comment and discussion over the past couple of days at the ACPO conference.  Theresa May’s speech has been well covered but there are some points worth a more detailed look. The central theme of the Home Secretary’s speech … Continue reading

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