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What should a Police and Crime Commissioner do?

It is not that long now until Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) are upon us – elections will be held on the 15th November 2012 – but there is still some confusion (and concern) over what this new role will … Continue reading

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‘Frontline Policing’ is meaningless (and what should be used instead)

There has been lots of discussion for some time on frontline policing, and what it actually is. The Winsor report published this week on Police terms and conditions talks about “what much of the public would still consider to be core … Continue reading

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Beyond Civility

After giving some thought to creating a problem solving culture in local communities (see this post by Dave Briggs which started it, and my reply on this blog) I came across an excellent how to guide for local leaders interested in … Continue reading

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Local engagement in the land of big sky and sausages

In reply to this post by Dave Briggs. Dave and I were chatting the other day about local engagement issues, especially in Lincolnshire (the land of big sky and sausages) where we both live. Lincolnshire is a complex county, with … Continue reading

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Directly Elected Individuals

The government has made a clear commitment to directly elected individuals (elected police commissioners), but the specifics of how they will carry out their role still need development. I have pulled together some of my thoughts on how this might … Continue reading

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